# Welocome

GAME is a fair and secure distributed game platform that supports the development of new games and makes it easier to trade valuable data such as items, weapons and armor in the game. Items, weapons, armors etc in the games will be distributed to the market as uniquely defined tokens on the GAME Hub, enabling transactions that do not require third parties. Unlike the conventional centralized game structure, GAME creates new value for data in a game virtual space because token ownership does not belong to the game operator. The new value created in virtual space has the potential to start to have more realistic value in the future, and to create a larger economy.

# Get Started

First, follow the instruction about install Nibiru.

Install Nibiru

Then, there are three ways to get started Nibiru as below.

  1. Localnet

Start your Nibiru node in your local computer. It will start producing blocks and you can create address and try sending token demo etc.

  1. Localnet with 4 node

Start Creating 4 Nibiru node in your computer. In this pattern, each node will connect and every block will be produced thorugh the consnsus of the 4 nodes.

  1. Join Testnet

Nibiru-2000 is the current testnet of GAME. You can check the detail in GAME Explorer (opens new window).

# Reference